Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Before Batman... There Was Gotham

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The first official trailer for the much anticipated series Gotham was released this week. The origins series takes place well before Bruce Wayne became The Batman and when Jim Gordon was a strapping young thing (Ben McKenzie). In the two- minute promo (which has already accumulated over 5 million views on YouTube) we get a glimpse of some Batman's most infamous villains all in their mini me incarnations; Cat Woman, Poision Ivy and The Riddler.

The series centres around Detective Gordon and will premiere on FOX in the fall. I was a huge fan of The Dark Knight trilogy, so if the television series is anything like it, I'll be glued to my screen until next summer. Although, I wish it was scheduled for a mid season showing. Is it just me, or are all the best shows on mid season?!


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